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Mrs. Julie Nisbet

Julie Nisbet:  Reading Intervention

Seven Oaks Elementary School


Reading Intervention is a short-term program that provides help students who need additional assistance in learning to read and write.  Students receive one-to-one or small group instruction for 30 minutes each day. 

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 Multi Tier System of Support (MTSS)

Seven Oaks Elementary School offers a 3 tiered reading approach to help struggling readers.  Students' progress is closely monitored at each stage of intervention to determine the need for further research-based instruction and/or intervention in general education, special education or both. 

Description of Tier 1 - Core Instruction: Takes place in the student's regular classroom and is taught by the student's teacher if the student has been identified as needing extra assistance. 

Description of Tier 2: Strategic Instruction:  Takes place in a pull-out setting and is taught by a trained Reading Interventionist.  A student is referred by the classroom teacher for extra assistance in the area of reading.  Various types of data (Dominie, MAP, state mandated tests, and teacher observations) are reviewed by the RtI team in order to determine placement in this tier.

Description of Tier 3A:  Intensive Instruction:  This tier has 2 parts and takes place in a pull-out setting.  Tier 3A- Students are served in a one-on-one setting or small group. Tier 3B student is served by the Special Education teacher who utilizes several programs.