• Stop.



    In and out of schools there is a plan in place in case of an emergency. 
    Whether it ‘s fire, natural disasters or security threats, students know how to react. 

    The public education effort to teach children what to do if they catch on fire has been very effective.  Almost every student knows to stop, drop and roll. When bullying occurs, what should they do?  “STOP” the action, “WALK” away and “TALK” to someone who can affect change.

    “Stop.Walk.Talk” Bully Reporting System is part of a comprehensive plan that gives a voice to those who have been victims of bullying, who have witnessed bullying and even those who have bullied.  Don’t be silent; report what has happened or is happening. “Stop.Walk.Talk.” 


    Chapin Middle School Anti-Bullying Campaign


    Bullying is one of the biggest challenges teens face today. Unfortunately, many teens are forced to deal with bullying while their parents and teachers are unaware of the specific nature and severity of the problem in their school. Chapin Middle School is proactive and strives to prevent bullying, our formal program to end bullying, and resources available to you if your child experiences any type of bullying at CMS.


    1. What is Bullying?
    2. How to Detect Bullying
    3. What to Do if Your Child is Being Bullied
    4. School Resources