•  Academic Dean:  Lisa Ruth

    Phone: 476-8787

    Email: lruth@lexrich5.org


    Program Description:

    Spring Hill, in conjunction with the Center of Advanced and Technical Studies, offers a four-year course of study designed to provide a unique learning experience to motivated students who wish to pursue an academic career in Environmental Studies. The course work offered is intended to work in conjunction with South Carolina’s high school requirements while propelling students towards their career path. Students are afforded the basic skills necessary for a career in Environmental Science. They are equipped with a working knowledge and understanding of environmental academics which opens the door to a growing field in Environmental careers. 


    Schools of study include:

    • Animal Science

    • Agricultural Studies

    • Clean Energy Technology

    • Natural Resources & Environmental Management


    The SHHS Environmental Academy has started the year by cleaning Woodcross Lake in Harbison. Our next RiverSweep will be on November 10th, 2018. We will be cleaning the lake at Paces Brook.






    AP Environmental Emjoyed a field study to Saluda Shoals in September to study the impacts of dams, water pollutation and water quality indicators.

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