• 1.  Students must wear an undefaced ID on a breakaway lanyard above their waist or on the lapel or shirt pocket while on campus during regular school hours and when riding a school bus.

    2.  Students will be allowed to purchase a temporary ID badge from 7:45 a.m. until the beginning of 2nd block each morning without penalty.

    3.  After the beginning of 2nd block, students will not be allowed to leave class to get an ID.  Instead, the student must “order” a temporary ID badge through a teacher (e-mail to Pickett) or verbally through an administrator. The badge will be printed and delivered to the student’s classroom by a student aide.

    4.  Additionally, the student will automatically be assigned a 2-hour after-school detention each time a temporary ID badge is ordered after the beginning of second block. Students will be expected to attend the detention, regardless of when the debt is paid. When students fail to serve the detention, a “fail to serve detention” notice will be given to the administrator and will be handled accordingly.

    5.  Students are responsible for paying ID debt the following day – in between classes, during lunch, or in the morning before 8:25. They should never leave class to pay for an ID.

    6.  A list of current ID debts will be posted in the commons area every Monday. Additionally, the parents will receive a call and/or letter when the ID charges have not been paid after the fifth day and/or when the student has accumulated $5.00 in charges. In the event that a student accumulates $10.00 or more in past due ID charges, a discipline referral will be written and sent to the student’s administrator. The administrator will issue the student a Saturday detention. If the student pays the debt before the assigned detention date, he/she will no longer have to serve the detention. However, if the student does not serve the Saturday detention and still owes money, the administrator will follow-up with our normal procedures, assigning a Twilight detention next. If the student fails to serve the Twilight detention, he/she will receive one day of out-of-school suspension. Served detentions do not cancel ID debt.

    7.  Debt notices will also be included with report cards. Students with unpaid debt at the end of the school year will have their final report cards held until payment is received.

    8.  Permanent IDs with a lanyard cost $5.00 and cannot be charged or ordered through a teacher. Students must pay for these upfront.

    9.  Temporary IDs cost $1.00, and a lanyard cost $1.00. Both of these may be charged.

    10.  Each student is issued one permanent school ID at the beginning of the school year at no cost. If that ID is lost, defaced or destroyed, the student must pay for a replacement. A defaced ID includes: unauthorized stickers and/or writing on the front or back of an ID or altering the ID including the name, picture, barcode, etc. Nothing should be written or attached to the front of an ID. The only stickers allowed are those issued by the school. ID pictures are made according to the school’s dress code policy.