• Cubism- Emily, 8th Grade

     8th Grade Honors Art

    Length of Course:  Semester

    Prerequisite: Audition

    Required materials: Each student’s daily supply list includes: Sharpened Pencil, eraser, and a sketchbook (at least 8 1/2 x11 in.), and it must be purchased by Monday August 28th. 

    Course Description: Honors Art Eighth Grade: This course is designed to use the elements and principles of design at the honors level. This is a skill based course where students will concentrate on various techniques and media. All projects are based on higher order thinking skills as part of the differentiated curriculum for students who are gifted in art.  This program is offered to students who successfully audition for Honors Art in the 7th grade or for the students that maintained a “B” average in 7th grade Honors Art and are recommended by their Honors art teacher.  Students will be challenged through different media, techniques, and will keep a portfolio in class which will be used for class notes, reflections on projects, and for drawing activities.  At the end of the year, all students will exhibit their artwork in an art show which they are required to attend.

    Student Benefit: The middle school art program enriches the entire curriculum in so many ways and has four components that create a quality program.  They are:  Aesthetic Perception, Art Criticism, Art History and Culture, and Art Production and Creative Expression.  These four components will be a part of art class and will provide a strong connection to curriculum integration. Students will also have opportunities to write about and discuss their own works, and the works of others.

    In Art class we will create our art using various techniques and materials such as printmaking, drawing, pottery/sculpting, painting, chalk pastel, and oil pastel.

    EOC Portfolio/Art Show

    This will be 20% of the end of the semester final grade. The rubric will be shared with students in advance, and will include completed projects (shown as a portfolio through Artsonia), written artist statements, written comments to other students on Artsonia, and a small presentation at the end of the semester. The presentation will need to be around 5 minutes long- this will include discussing various topics related to his or her own artwork and artistic process. This grade also includes helping set up and attending the end of semester Art Show. The final part of the grade is the students over all performance in class.

    Please read through the Honors Art Syllabus with your child and "sign" it by clicking the link located at the bottom of the syllabus.