• Arrival Information
    • Students will come straight to the classroom and unpack.  If breakfast is needed, students will be sent to the cafeteria to get it and then return to the classroom to eat.  If your child is planning to eat breakfast at school, please have him/her arrive by 7:30.
    • At 7:50 the tardy bell rings and the exterior front doors will be locked. Parents are expected to come into the building to sign his/her child in if the child is arriving after the 7:50 tardy bell.
  • Dismissal Information
    school bus
    • Any changes in transportation must be in the form of a written note or call to the main office.
    • The dismissal bell rings at 2:40. Bus riders, daycare students, and car riders are dismissed first.  Once the bus loop has cleared the walkers will be dismissed.  Parents of walkers can meet their children at the bottom of the steps.
    • Car riders will need to know their car number in order to expedite the dismissal process.
    • Parents of car riders are asked to pull all the way to the front...students will be directed to your location.
    • The parking lot exit is a right turn only during arrival and dismissal.




  • Sign Out Procedures


    • Students will be dismissed to the office.  To expedite the process, please sent a note with your child that morning indicating an early dismissal is planned.