• See links to get more information on Community fitness opportunities for students in District 5

       -Some activities are offered during the regular school day.
       -Some activities are offered after school hours at other locations. (may have fees associated with them)
    Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission: http://www.icrc.net/

    YMCA on Kennerly Rd., Irmo:https://columbiaymca.org/locations/northwest-family-ymca/

    PLEX: http://www.plexindoorsports.com/

    Friarsgate Park, Irmo: http://richlandcountyrecreation.com/centers/friarsgate-park/


                                                                         Governors Cup
                                                                         Ballentine Elementary
                                                                         Governor's Cup Kids 1 Mile Run 2017

  • Why do we have PE?

    Below is a great video that helps explain "Why" students have Physical Education Class. 

    Hope you enjoy watching it.....