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    School Counseling Program



    Our program as well as each of the other elementary school guidance programs throughout our district, is a comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling program.  Here are the major parts of our program:


    School Guidance Curriculum - Each classroom receives a guidance lesson once a month.  Guidance lessons focus on developing personal, social, and academic skills.  School success skills such as listening, self control, good manners, friendship skills, handling emotions and conflict resolution are stressed in the primary grades.  Upper elementary lessons cover these topics as well but also focus more on academic skills (organization, study skills, test taking) as well as social skills and appropriate ways of dealing with peer pressure and bullying.


    Individual Student Planning - Counselors work with individual students to help them meet their academic and personal/social goals.  Counselors assist students with school behavior, organization, study skills and test taking skills.  I work closely with teachers and parents to help our students succeed.


    Responsive Services - I counsel students in small groups and individually.  Small groups are run throughout the year and are designed to build skills and promote growth. Topics include friendship, anger management, study skills, and other school success skills. 


    System Support - In order to provide the most comprehensive program possible, I am engaged in professional development activities, and collaboration with administration, other counselors and programs. The number one goal is to be proactive and to continue fostering a healthy atmosphere in which all students can learn and feel safe each day.