• Ms. Dinsmore’s Daily Schedule

    7:40 am Morning Meeting/Second Step

    7:50 am ELA

    8:20 am W.I.N. Time

    8:50 am ELA/Writing

    10:30 am Recess

    10:55 am Math

    11:19 am Lunch

    • Please do not bring outside food into the cafeteria. Thanks in advance!

    11:48 am Math

    12:30 pm Math Small Groups

    12:50 pm Social Studies/Science/Health

    1:25 pm Related Arts

    • Monday - Music (Roberts)
    • Tuesday - Spanish (Wheeler)
    • Wednesday - Computer (Meetze)
    • Thursday - P.E. (Plemmons)
    • Friday - Art (Hope)

    2:20 pm Dismissals

    • Please send any changes in dismissal to school in your child's red folder on a full-size sheet of paper or call the front office at (803) 476-4600 in case of internet loss.






    What are we working on?

    In Word Study, we are continuing to study common patterns and chunks we will see throughout our reading. We are currently looking at blends and then we will start on some of our long vowel patterns, like "Bossy E".

    In Reading, we are always looking for "Just Right Books" and using our decoding strategies on words we don't know. We are also learning about retelling a story with details like characters and their names, the setting (where and when), and the beginning, middle, and end.

    In Writing, we are writing for our reader. We are continuing with personal narratives. We are creating a hook, topic sentences, details sentences with transition words (First, Next, Then, After that, Last, Finally), and a closing sentence. We are adding extra details and describing words so our story makes sense to our reading and to make our writing interesting.

    In Math, we are working on strategies for addition and subtraction so that we can become fluent with our facts and we are able to understand place value when we move into two-digit addition and subtraction later in the year.

    In Social Studies, we have been exploring maps. We are comparing neighborhoods and schools around the world to see how ours is different.

    Our Second Steps lessons focus on social and emotional curriculum with topics like focusing, listening, conflict resolution, and recognizing/controlling emotions.