• Rules for PE



    PE Rules 

    Gym Rules:

    1.    Do not interrupt others (raise hand)

    2.    Use Good Sportsmanship

    3.    Stay on your feet 

    4.    Have fun and do your best

    5.    Wear Athletic Clothes and Shoes

    6.    Do not use equipment without permission





    Strike 1 – Warning  

    Strike 2 – Time Out/ /Move Clip

    Strike 3 – Time Out/Move Clip & Refocus Form



    Bathroom and Water Fountain Rules

    1.    No Bathroom or Water when:

    a.     Teacher is talking

    b.    Lining up to leave

    c.     Stretching

    2.    Bathroom

    a.     Turn the Sign to Stop on the way in, and to GO on the way out


    c.  Turn off the light when leaving.

    3.    Water Fountain

    a.     One person at a time

    b.    No waiting in line

    c.     No filling up water bottles


    *Parents please make sure students wear appropriate shoes on P.E. days

                Inappropriate Shoes: Crocs, Boots, Flip-Flops, Dress Shoes, Slip-Ons