The board encourages authorized parents/legal guardians, grandparents and other citizens of the district to fully participate in the educational process and to visit classrooms or attend other school activities at times authorized by the district or the principal to observe the work of the school.  Acceptable reasons for visits include observation of classroom instruction, observation of programs, participation in special events, conferring with staff and counseling, mentoring or providing support to a student. The visit should have legitimate purpose and not interfere with the continuity or delivery of instruction. Visits should not be used for group activities, recruitment or marketing for a specific product or service.   The board and state law require that during school hours, all visitors to the school must report to the school’s front office.  Visitors must wear their visitors badge until they depart the building. It is important that parents know who is visiting their child(ren) during the school day. Therefore, only parents and/or legal guardians can visit a student during the school day without permission and coordination.  All persons other than parents and legal guardians wishing to visit a student must receive written permission from the parent/legal guardian.