Welcome to math intervention!

    There is a difference between not knowing -- and not knowing YET!


    Throughout the learning day, our small-group math intervention community fosters a nurturing hands-on, minds-on approach to individualized and cooperative learning. This simply means that your child will learn as they think, do, and reflect.   As a math interventionist, it's my job to structure the circumstances that support this to meet the needs of each child as they grow their conceptual and procedural knowledge. To do this, we will use a variety of math learning tools to make sense of many different types of problems while focusing on how and why to persevere in solving them. 


    Our mathematicians will grow in their ability to:

    • understand a math problem and determine appropriate strategies and math tools;
    • use multiple ways to solve problems and confirm thinking;
    • feel confident to talk about their thinking along the way;
    • self-reflect on their learning mindset and set goals;
    • connect to real world application; and
    • understand how strategy use facilitates meaningful interaction in the world today and in the future.