• Your child can maximize learning achievement and joy by adopting a growth mindset.


    A learner with a growth mindset is willing to take risks, knows that mistakes are learning opportunities and is willing to persist even in the face of challenges.  A learner with a growth mindset develops strong problem-solving skills necessary in all aspects of education, career and life.  Being able to sustain attention and determination to grow as a learner requires perseverence ... grit.  


    Conversely, those with a fixed-mindset are more interested in "looking smart" and are often afraid of taking risks since it may harm their image.  These learners are more likely to give up in the face of a challenge minimizing learning achievement, increasing frustration and decreasing joy.  


    We will embrace a growth mindset in our math intervention small-group community.  You can learn more about this positive and productive mindset in these videos:


    Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? 


    Building a Growth Mindset in Children


    What is a growth mindset?