Meet the Adviser



Degrees and Certifications:

Meet the Adviser

Miss S. Lee is a Counselor at Dutch Fork Middle School.  

Miss James is a 7th grade Science teacher for Team 72. 

We plan to work with the Student Council to enhance their leadership skills. We plan to meet 1st and 3rd Monday of every month after school in room 210.  We are here to be a resource to the students, as we prepare our student leaders to accept the challenges that they may experience in the future. 


Thank you for visiting the DFMS Student Council Page. Information will be added to announcemnts and posted around the school


We are always looking for parent volunteers. Please contact Miss Lee if you would like to help out with an events or projects.


Contact Information

Lead Advisor: Miss S. Lee 


Phone: 803-476-4897


Co-Advisor Miss E. James


Phone: 803-476-4887


  • Dutch Fork Middle School

    Student Council Association


    Article I: Name

    The name of this organization shall be the Dutch Fork Middle School: Student Council (StuCo).

    Article II: Affiliation

    This association shall be affiliated by written agreement with the South Carolina Association of Student Councils (SCASC), which is under the sponsorship and supervision of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

    Article III: Mission and Purpose

    Section 1. Mission

    The mission of the Dutch Fork Middle School: Student Council Association is to provide opportunities to enhance student leadership development and contribute to the overall benefit of our school.

    Section 2. Purpose

    The purposes of the Dutch Fork Middle School: Student Council Association shall be:

    1. To encourage the development leadership skills among all enrolled students.
    2. To promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school.
    3. To improve school spirit to assist in the direction of school activities.
    4. To promote the general welfare of the school by acting as a bridge between students and the administration.
    5. To assist our school to focus on relevant issues that affect them and to seek solutions to the ever-changing challenges that arise throughout the year.
    6. To encourage student to seek out opportunities for building civic skills and attitudes such as participation in elections, discussion and debate of issues, and collaborative decision-making.
    7. To encourage active, ongoing broad-based participation in leadership training activities at the school, district, state, regional, and national levels.

    Article IV: Membership

    Section 1: Definition of Membership Members are all student council officers and representatives that have been elected by majority of votes from the student body of Dutch Fork Middle School.

    Candidates for executive offices must have at least an overall average of B with no failing grades for the previous semester. They shall have been a member of the District Five Schools for at least one semester and have a good discipline record with no suspensions.

    1. Officers - The council shall consist of advisor(s), four elected officers, SIC student representatives, and elected student representatives. The officers are as follows: President, Vice- President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The President and Vice- President shall serve as SIC student representatives for their respective grade levels with additional representatives, one from the 7th grade and one from the 8th grade

    President: (Elected from a rising 8th grader)

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    Preside at meetings of the Executive Board of Officers and General Membership

    Represent the association on all public occasions and student council events where feasible

    • Appoint committees
    • Consult with Principal as needed

    Assume other duties as generally associated with the office.

    Vice President: (Elected from a rising 7th grader)

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    Preside at meetings of the Executive Board of Officers and General Membership in the absence of the President

    The Vice President of the Student Council will represent the organization at all committee meetings

    Secretary: (Elected from a rising 7th grader)

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    Compile and keep the minutes of Executive Board of Officers meetings

    Give a report of previous month’s activities

    Coordinate any public relations materials relevant to the organization

    Perform other duties as delegated by the Executive Board of Officers as approved by the Advisor.

    Treasurer: (Elected from a rising 8th grader)

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Keep an accurate record of all money received and disbursed
    • Collect dues.
    • Research and present options of spending for events, etc.
    • Presents a financial report at each Student Council meeting
    • Have the books ready for auditing with the notice of one week.
    1. Eligibility:
    2. All current serving Student Council Officers and Representatives must maintain a “C” average or better in all courses to remain a member of the organization.
    3. Quarterly Report Cards must be presented to the Advisor for review and verification of eligibility to continue as a member.
    4. Members who fail to maintain grades will be placed as a non-voting member on probation for one grading period. If the student fails to improve his / her grades by the next grading period, this will result in an automatic suspension from the Student Council.


    • Removal from Office:



    Student Council officers and representatives may be removed from their positions for the following reasons:

    • Failure to maintain “B” average for any two consecutive nine weeks for officers and failure to maintain a “C” for two consecutive nine weeks for representatives.
    • Failure to attend 2 regular meetings without a reasonable excuse.
    • Suspension for any reason.


    • Resignation


    If an officer resigns or is removed from office, the Student Council shall be empowered to fill the vacancy except in the case of the president; the vice-president becomes the president.


    If a representative resigns or is removed from office, the homeroom may elect a qualified person to fill the vacant position.


    Section 2: Election of Officers.

    The Student Council Election for Officers will take place each year during the Month of May at a time and date to be designated by the Student Council advisor.

    1) Announcements will be made for a week to solicit current 7th grade students interested in campaigning for the offices of student council President and Treasurer.

    2) After verifying the details with the current Dutch Fork High School Student Council sponsors, announcements will be made for a week to solicit current 8th grade students interested in campaigning for the offices of Dutch Fork High School grade level representatives.

    3) All interested students will fill out an application packet, which delineates eligibility, responsibilities and upcoming procedures.

    4) Following a week’s campaign time and speeches, each respective grade level will vote on their respective offices.


    • Eligibility to run for Student Council Officer:


    Students may run for open offices based upon a call for elections by the Student Council Advisor. The required criteria to have a name added to the ballot include:

    1. Completion of an application signed by parents.
    2. No major school discipline issues (All Day ISS or OSS).
    3. All procedures for conducting campaigns and the election process will be defined by the advisor and presented to qualified candidates before the beginning of the election cycle.


    Section 3: Election of Representatives:

    1. Representative elections will take place during the start of school each year by Oct. 1.
    2. There will be two representatives identified and appointed from each recognized homeroom.
    3. Conditions defined for eligibility to run for office will be same as those stated for officer candidates found in Section 2, item B.

    Section 4: Committees:

    1. The organization shall have four on-going committees represented by members who are appointed based upon volunteer opportunities and approved by the Advisor.
    2. The on-going committees will include: Publicity, School Improvement Council, Fundraising, Service Projects, SCASC events, and Team Building.
    3. The agenda for these committees will be established by the Advisor based upon the yearlong plan established by the Executive Board of Officers.


    Article V: Advisor

    The Student Council Advisor is appointed by the principal, and acting as a designee of the Principal is empowered to manage council activities, oversee the council budget, provide leadership training, and assist with planning events, schedule meetings, as well as support the organization in an advising capacity.

    Duties (include but not limited to):

    Appoint all committees required by the constitution, by-laws, or approved by the Executive Board of Officers

    Supports the organization in planning and delivering agenda items, committee responsibility, and school wise related programs.

    Serves as the school liaison for the organization to administration, staff, and interested parties.

    Coordinates all financial matters for the organization related to any fundraiser activity.

    Serves as the faculty advisor for the organization to school administration, staff, and interested community and related organizations.

    Article IV: Meetings

    Meetings are defined by the organization Advisor and will typically be established twice a month. Committee meetings will occur as needed based upon agenda items or overall function of the committee and as deemed appropriate by the Advisor.

    Article V: Legislation

    Items or issues to be reviewed by the Student Council are to be presented in writing to an officer who will print to the attention of the Executive Board. The Executive Board which consists of all officers and the advisor(s) will consider all items or issues presented in writing and determine the best course of action. Based upon the decision of the Executive Board, items or issues will be moved to the agenda for review at the next general meeting of the membership (representatives) or a response will be provided in writing back to the individual submitting an item or issue for consideration.

    Articles VI: Amendments

    A proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to an officer who will print to the attention of the Executive Board. This constitution may be amended if the amendment is distributed in writing or digital format to all representative members for consideration once each semester. This constitution may be amended if an amendment has been approved by a majority of the Executive Board, is presented to the representative membership at an appointment meeting by the advisor (once a semester) receives a two-thirds approval of voting membership that return an official ballot during the time of the appointed.