• Bullying is a frequent "hot topic" mentioned in the news and other forms of media.  I hope it is a comfort for you to know that in a recent anonymous survey conducted with DFES students, they did not identify bullying as a major school-wide issue.  A great majority of students feel safe in their learning environment here.  As a parent, you may wonder what is being done at your child's school to address this topic.  All students receive monthly guidance lessons taught by a highly-qualified school counselor.  Every lesson has some component that empowers DFES students to manage their responses to complex peer behaviors.  Students are taught lessons that promote the importance of respect, kind actions, and self-control.  However, specific lessons are taught at every grade level to address the topic of bullying.  Students learn what constitutes true bullying - power over an individual, and a pattern that is repeated on purpose to hurt another student.  True bullying produces fear in the targeted student.  Other "bully-like" behaviors (such as teasing or name-calling) may cause hurt feelings, annoyance or anger, and may be more random in nature.  Classroom guidance lessons also inform students about what to do if they are being bullied and what to do if they see someone else being bullied, as well as how to report bullying.  Students are taught that bullying can take many forms.  It is not limited to physical bullying (fighting or threats of physical harm), but can also include emotional or social bullying.  At DFES, bullying prevention is taken seriously, and all incidents reported by students and staff members are invetigated and addressed in such a way as to stop any mistreatment to a student.  

    Parents are always welcome to call the school counselor at 476-3912 if you would like to discuss this topic and how it affects your child.  Students know that they may complete a request to speak privately to the counselor at any time.  We consider the safety of our children to be a top priority.  By working together, we can create a safe, caring and respectful school climate that promotes the best learning environment possible.  

    You will find a wealth of information about bullying for both parents and students at www.stopbullying.gov.