Irmo High School Post Secondary Plans Hanbook 



     College Board Opprotunity Scholarship Program


    College Planning 101


      College Planning Guide


    The junior year of high school is a pivotal point in a student's high school career. It is during this year that college planning should be at it's peak. The following resources will provide best practices to ensure effective planning.


    Campus Visit Checklist

    Visiting a college campus helps you get a sense of what a college — and life at that college — is like. This can help you decide whether the college is right for you. Juniors are eligible to receive one excused absence for a campus visit Students must provide official documentation of the visit on college/university letterhead to the attendance office in order for the absence to be excused.


    High School Resume

    A helpful resource to have during the college and scholarship application process is a résumé. A résumé provides a quick summary of your extracurricular activities, special abilities and talents, and leadership skills. You may want to prepare several versions for different audiences (colleges, scholarship organizations, etc.). Be sure to have several people review your drafts for feedback on format and information.

              Apply to colleges as early as August



    College Admissions Testing




    The Accuplacer test is required for admission to all 2-year Technical Colleges in the state of South Carolina. This test is administered by Midlands Technical College. For more information about registering to take the Accuplacer, and to access test preparation materials, please visit https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org.


    SAT and ACT


    Both ACT and SAT scores are used for 4-year college admissions decisions and awarding merit-based scholarships. Most colleges do not prefer one test over the other.  Some health career programs at 2-year colleges also require the SAT or ACT for specific program admissions. 2021-2022 SAT and ACT test dates are available here .

    Some selective colleges/universities may require SAT Subject Tests. To view a list of these colleges/universities please click here .


    School Day Administration 


    All South Carolina students in their third year of high school will have the option to take EITHER the ACT or the SAT during a school day second semester free of charge.  Which one should you choose? How can you prepare?  See the links and information below to aid in your decision-making process. Also more information on test prep is available by clicking here .

    SAT Test Prep Tips                              Why Take The ACT                                      ACT Test Prep Tips




    The difference between the SAT and the ACT


    New SAT vs ACT Infographic v2