• **Homework could be given EVERYDAY!!!**


    You must always show your work.  Although we are using an online system you are still expected to show your work in your composition notebook. Attempt every homework problem. You will only receive 10-15 problems daily. Every homework assignment will be graded for accuracy if it is completed online and you will instantly receive your grade. You can attempt assignments more than once, and are encouraged to try the problems until you score a grade of 80 or better.

    Why I want you to show your work???

    -By showing your work I am able to figure out where it is in the mathematical or algebraic process in which you are having trouble.  This will help me help you with your areas of difficulty, thus in the end, ensuring your comprehension of the content.  :-)

    Please check this page often, assignments may be changed to coincide with what's going on in the classroom.  The correct assignment will always be posted in the class daily.