• Library Usage:

    Students are welcome to use the Library Media Center as individuals, in small groups, or with a class. We encourage you to read, check out books, conduct research, or work on assignments while in the library. If you choose not to work on a school-related assignment or if you cause a disturbance, you will be asked to go back to class.


    • Provide instruction and help in finding and using appropriate information and technology.
    • Provide a quiet, attractive, and friendly place for study and reading.
    • Provide help and resources for assignments and personal information needs.
    • Provide relevant and popular books and materials.
    • Purchase books, materials, and equipment to support DFMS educational goals.



    In print: Books, Magazines and The State Newspaper

    Electronic: DISCUS access; eBooks and audiobooks, other online databases such as EasyBib, BrainPop, World Book, Soundzabound, and TeachingBooks.net.

    Equipment:  Flat bed scanner, black and white printer, color printer

          Checkout Policies:

    • Students may checkout up to 5 books at a time. 
    • Books are checked out at the Circulation Desk.  You must have your student ID.
    • Books are checked out for 2 weeks and may be renewed once as long as the book is not on hold for someone else.
    • Fines will be assessed for damaged or lost books.
    • Please return books in the drop slot located on the left end of the Circulation Desk.



         Visiting the library:

    • During school hours, students may visit the library with a teacher's permission.  If you'd like to visit, ask your teacher for a green library pass.  Each student should have his/her own green pass. 
    • Upon arrival, please sign in at the Circulation Desk.  If you need to use a computer during your visit, ask a Library staff member about computer availability at this time.  Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis; however, they may be reserved for a class, so please ask.
    • Please return to class at least 5 minutes before the end of the block. During the last block of the day, you will be asked to return to class at least 10 minutes before the bell for announcements.
    • To visit the library before school, students must get a morning pass from the teacher on duty outside the cafeteria. Students in the library on a morning pass must stay in the library until the bell rings for the first block.

    Students are expected to conduct themselves in the same manner they would in the classroom.


    Use your PAWS in the Library Media Center!

    Be Prompt and Prepared!

    • Students are expected to have a pass and to wear an ID to visit the library.
    • Remember that Wednesdays during Den is designated reading time.  We'd love to help you find something to read!
    • Please ask for help before printing to ensure that items are printed correctly and efficiently.

    Act Responsibly!

    • Please talk quietly and behave in a manner consistent with study so other students can work undisturbed.
    • Please leave our computers in the same condition in which you found them.  For example, do not alter backgrounds, programs, or hardware (mice, keyboards, monitors, etc.)
    • Please stop by the Circulation Desk to properly check out all items you'd like to take home.
    • Remember to...
      •  return or renew materials by the due date;
      •  return materials in the same condition in which they were borrowed;
      •  treat all items and people in the Media Center with respect and care.

    Work with Integrity!

    • All students are expected to adhere to school policies regarding the use of computers.
    • Remember that computers are only to be used for completing school-related projects.
    • You must have a signed Acceptable Use Agreement on file before using the Internet.
    • When visiting the library, whether on a pass or with a class, you are expected to stay on task and work quietly.  

    Show Respect!

    • Please enter the library quietly and in an orderly manner.
    • Please remain in your classroom for morning and afternoon announcements.
    • Please enjoy your food and beverages before entering the library.
    • Remember to keep electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.) QUIET and out of sight unless they are being used in a specific instructional activity with a teacher.