To be eligible to receive a School District 5 Extended Studies Diploma, a student must earn 28 units of credit, perform ten hours of community service work each year. Students are responsible for annually verifying community service. Verification forms are available in the SHHS Counseling Office or you may obtain one on the link below.  These should be submitted annually to the Career Development Facilitator, Kimberly Plowden by May 1st during the 9th, 10th, 11th grade years, and by February 1st during the senior (12th) year.
    The requirements are as follows:

    4 units _ English

    4 units _ Math; including Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2

    4 units _ Sciences; Lab science  Note:  Physical Science will count for Extended Diploma but it will not count as a lab science for colleges

     1 unit  _ U.S. History and Constitution

    .5 unit  _ Economics

    .5 unit  _ U. S. Government

    2 units _ Elective Social Studies

    3 units _ Foreign Language (same language)

     1 unit  _ Physical Education or ROTC

     1 unit  _ Computer Technology

     1 unit  _ CATE or Visual or Performing Art

     6 units _ Electives

    28 units Total


    The requirement of community service may be met in a variety of ways.  

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