• Grading Scale


    A  90-100

    B  80-89 

    C  70-79

    D  69-60

    F  Below 59

    I  Incomplete

    WP  Withdrew Passing

    WF  Withdrew Failing

    FA  No Credit due to excessive absences


    10-Point Grading Scale - 2016-2017 and after

    7 Point Grading Scale - prior to 2016-2017


    South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale

    • The State Board of Education adopted a uniform grading policy for South Carolina public schools.
    • All report cards and transcripts will use numerical grades for courses carrying Carnegie units.
    • The uniform grading scale and system for figuring GPA and class rank will apply to all courses carrying Carnegie units, including units earned at the middle school.
    • GPA = sum(quality points X units)/sum of units attempted.


    Class Ranking

    Beginning with the 10th grade year, class ranking will include College Prep, Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) based on the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale.