The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the American College Testing Assessment (ACT) provide scores used by college admissions officers and scholarship committees as one of several indicators of a student's ability to do college level work. Because students in high school across the state and nation have taken different courses and because their transcripts reflect different grading practices, college admissions officers and scholarship committees need a common measure of ability such as SAT or ACT to evaluate potential success in college. The PLAN (PRE-ACT) and PSAT (PRE-SAT) are not used for college admissions. However, SAT and ACT scores are used for college admissions, and the scores are reported to the student's high school and to any college that the student designates. If a student takes the SAT more than once, all scores are reported, including those from earlier testing dates.


    If a student has any plan of continuing his education beyond high school, particularly a four-year college, he should plan to take the appropriate test in the spring of his junior year. Students planning to attend Midlands Technical College should take the ACCUPLACER test. The school counseling department will assist any student or parent on a decision to take these tests or not take them as well as when the tests should be taken.


    The school counseling department encourages students to take the PSAT prior to taking the SAT. The PSAT is also the qualifying test for the National Merit Corporation, which sponsors the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Program. Students interested in competition for the National Merit Scholarship Program should note that semi-finalists and finalists are selected on the basis of scores from the PSAT taken in the junior (11th grade) year in high school.


    The PSAT will be given at Dutch Fork High School, and a student may sign up for testing through the school counseling department. School counselors will provide complete information about the test date and signing up for the PSAT. All sophomores are required to take the PSAT or PLAN.


    Before taking the SAT, students should complete algebra I, geometry and algebra 2. Enrollment in a Test Preparation class is recommended.


    Learn more about each test, register for the test, and send test score reports to colleges.


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     You may qualify for a fee waiver (based on specific qualifications). Ask your School Counselor to see if you qualify!