• 2020-21


    Chromebook not working?

    • Hybrid (In Person) Students: Take Broken Chromebook to Media Center M/T/TH/F - 8am-3pm (closed Wednesdays)
    • FIVE (All Virtual) students: Complete the DFHS Student Chromebook Repair Request Form
      • A D5 Technician will contact you about making an appointment for a repair.


     General Information:

    • DFHS Chromebook Contact:  Mrs Arlitta Eargle - aeargle @lexrich5.org 803-476-3357
    • Students and parents may read all about District 5's technology plans and policies at the District's iFive Webpage
    • The iFive Webpage also contains the Parent & Student Orientation Videos


    NEW Students:

    • NEW students may get a Chromebook in the Media Center from 8am-3pm - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. 


    Chromebooks for 9th graders: 

    • 9th graders who have middle school Chromebooks should use those for school work.
    • Starting Thursday Sept 10th, 9th graders may exchange their middle school chromebooks and chargers for the high school chromebooks and chargers.
    • Hybrid Students: Exchanges will happen in the Media Center BEFORE school (8-8:20am) or during Homeroom (11:34-12:30pm; 1:37-2:00pm) with a note from the teacher.  One at a time from Homeroom.
    • In order to receive a new high school Chromebook, students need to bring their middle school chromebook and charger.
    • Students must have the Chromebook AND charger at the same time. If a student does not have a charger, they will be billed for the cost of the charger ($20)
    • 9th graders in the all online FIVE program should exchange their Chromebooks between 8am-3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.
    • 9th graders should try to exchange Chromebooks by September 29th.


    Chromebook/Technology Information for ALL DFHS Students and Parents:

    All students who plan to use District technology resources (Chromebooks, computers, Google Accounts, etc,), will need to have their parents/guardians agree to the following 3 items in Registration Gateway:
    • Acceptable Use Agreement (permission to use D5 Internet)
    • iFive Mobile Device Agreement (permission to have D5 Chromebook)
    • Online Accounts for Educational Resources Agreement (permission to use online accounts/COPPA)

    Reminders for District-Issued Chromebooks:

    • Each CB will be issued with a case and must remain in that case at all times
    • Each student will receive a charger with the CB
      • The case and charger are the responsiblity of the student
      • Student/parent will have to replace case and charger if lost or damaged
    • Students are expected to have a charged, working device at school each day
    • Students should not write on or put stickers on the CB or case
      • Each students will write his/her name on the card on the case


    Damaged/Missing Chromebooks:

    • CBs are covered for ONE ACCIDENTAL damage per year (Aug 1st-July 31st)
    • Any additonal damages are the responsibility of the student/parent
    • If CB is misused or abused, the student//parent is responsible for the cost of repair
    • Damaged CBs must be reported to Media Center within 48 hours
    • Missing CBs must be reported to Media Center within 48 hours
    • Stolen CBs should be reported to the police in the location where they were stolen
    • List of Chromebook Prices


    Cleaning Your Chromebook:

    • Watch this video for how to properly clean your Chromebook
    • Clean screen with a soft, dry, antistatic, or microfiber cloth.
    • Do NOT use window cleaner.
    • Do NOT spray any time of liquid on the Chromebook directly.
    • Lightly spray the cloth with water or a solution of 50% water/50% white distilled vinegar
    • GENTLY clean the screen, keyboard and outside if necessary
    • You may also use packaged pre-moistened eyeglass lens cleaning tissues.
    • If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Eargle (aeargle@lexrich5.org) in the Media Center.

    Technology Fee 2020-21:

    • Each student will pay a technology fee to cover use of computer labs, software, and other technology
    • Students will NOT pay an insurance fee for use of Chromebook
    • The Technology Fee is like other school fees and subject to free/reduced fees per district and state guidelines
    • The Technology Fee amount will be posted here when available (expected to be $30-40)

    Each student is expected to have a District-Issued Chromebook or other similar device for school (not cell phone).