•                                            Extended Studies Diploma 


      To be eligible to receive a School District Five Extended Studies Diploma, a student must earn 28 units of credit and perform 10 hours of community service work each year. Students are responsible for annually verifying community service. Verification forms are available in the School Counseling Office and should be submitted annually to the appropriate counselor by May 1st during the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years, and by February 1st during the senior year. Competitive colleges look for students who have gone above and beyond the minimum requirements. While an Extended Studies Diploma is a local award and does not guarantee college admission, the higher level courses and the extent of commitment required will certainly enhance a student’s profile when applying to college.



    English Language Arts                                                                                4
    Math (including Alg 1, Geometry, Alg 2)                                                      4
    Science                                                                                                       4
    U.S. History and Constituition                                                                     1
    Economics                                                                                                0.5
    U. S. Government                                                                                      0.5
    Elective Social Studies                                                                                2
    World Language (same Language)                                                              3
    Physical Science or JROTC                                                                           1
    Computer Technology                                                                                 1
    CATE or Visual or Performing Art                                                                1
    Electives                                                                                                     6

    Please stop by the School Counseling office to get the community service hours verification form