A Word About Private Lessons:

  • I am always excited when students and parents ask about private music lessons.  Here are a few tips:

    1. Young students do not study private voice.  It is a matter of physical maturity.  Most highly qualified voice instructors are members of the National Association of Teacher's of Singing.  NATS recommends age 16 as a good age to begin private voice study.  Students who are interested in voice at a younger age should sing in a good school, church, and/or honor choir and consider piano/theory study.  I have a DMA in voice and did not begin private study until my senior year in high school.  I did study several instruments at a younger age.
    2. Some teachers start violin and piano instruction at age 3. My personal preference is second grade.  Students are ready to learn to read music at this age.
    3. Even with a 1/2 size instrument, guitar instruction is difficult for young fingers.  I suggest fourth or fifth grade for beginning guitar.
    4. Most instruction on woodwind, brass and percussion instruments begins in middle school.  It is possible to start earlier, but students who play these instruments enjoy playing with others in a band setting which is not available on the elementary level in our district.

    Where to find a good teacher:

    Ask at a college or university.  USC and Columbia College have programs I've used.

    Musician Supply has teachers at their Irmo location.



    Laura went to Converse with me and teaches piano in Chapin:  Laura Sturgeon at 238-4342

    or email at Zokie@aol.com

    Dallene Smith teaches piano in Chapin.  Dallene611@gmail.com  (847)528-0379.

    Bill Jennings teaches basic and folk guitar: 708-8538.  He is the husband of a former LMES 3rd grade teacher!

    Drew Medlin owns Freeway Music in Ballentine.  He offers electric guitar and other popular "rock band" type instruction.  His students form rock bands and perform around town.  drewmedlin@gmail.com  http://www.http://freewaymusic.net/   is his website.

    E-mail me. Anytime!  jroberts-crump@lexRich5.org