360 Literacy provides opportunities for advanced academic work and acceleration toward graduation.

  • Literacy 360

    A 21st Century Learning Center grant was awarded to operate the 360 Literacy initiative over a four-year period, serving Irmo middle and high school students. 

         • 360 Literacy utilizes research-based instructional strategies to assist adolescents and adults in accelerating learning and progression toward secondary and post-secondary educational opportunities.

         • Program components include full length and credit recovery courses on Saturdays and in the summer, SAT/ACT and end-of-course (EOC) test preparation, remediation and academic enrichment, project-based learning (r/c racing, robotics, rocketry, fashion design, drama, critical thinking games, physical fitness), individual and small group instruction by a learning disabilities specialist for students with dyslexia and similar challenges effecting students with average to gifted intellectual capabilities, assistance for special needs students with physical and intellectual limitations, monthly family literacy activities, and formal instructional programs for adult learners (inclusive of parents of middle and high school students served through 360 Literacy).

         • All components provide direct instruction and support by highly-qualified instructors and trained tutors.

    Adult Education 360 Logo

         • Over 400 middle and high school students were served during 2016-2017. 39/40 (97.5%) of senior participants graduated.

         • Over 70 adult students earned high school credentials as well. Approximately 100 students were served in the summer component to catch up with or keep pace with their peers in accumulating credits toward graduation.

         • All services are free. Meals, materials and transportation are provided.

            • Students interested in attending the program should contact their guidance counselor to secure a referral for enrollment. The extended day program operates Monday through Thursday 3:40 pm - 6:40 pm. High school credit courses are offered on Saturdays 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.