Is a great way to learn about careers without having to miss classes, assignments or coordinate transportation.  Best of all, you can visit these websites as often as you like at your convenience for research in a class, Academy or at home working to choose your future career.  The following sites have videos for hundreds of different careers.  "By clicking the links below you will be leaving the District 5 Website.  Be aware that Spring Hill High School and District 5 are not responsible for, nor control the content on outside links.  Problems with the links should be reported via email to the author of this page."



    • http://media.knowitall.org/series/career-aisle-career-clusters  Videos are organized under each of the 16 Career Clusters of Study.

    • https://virtualjobs.microburstlms.com  Create your own account.  Videos are organized by Career Clusters within the "Course Catalog."

    • http://www.acinet.org  Click on "Video Library" on the left side of the page and then select a "Cluster and Career" video to view.  This site contains about 550 career videos.

    • http://www.insidejobs.com/careers  Select a "Career Category" and then view the many careers on this site.  There are over 15,000 jobs to explore.

    • http://www.myplan.com  Click on "Video Library" under the "Careers" section.  There are almost 500 careers to be explored on this site.

    • http://www.scois.net  Login using your personal account or by using "chapinms" as the user name and "eagles" as the password.  Under the "Where am I going?" section, click on "Occupations."  There are short videos available for many of the occupations within the 16 Career Clusters.
    • http://www.todaysmilitary.com  From the main, page click on "Working - Careers & Pay" to find information and view videos on specific jobs in the military.