• English 2 Honors Course Description: Prerequisite: Must have passed English 1. This course meets the state requirement for honors courses and meets the requirements for English 2. In this course students will read extensively to strengthen their skills and deepen their understanding of literary and informational texts. This course will expose students to literary and informational texts that will steadily increase in sophistication and complexity. Emphasis will be placed on drawing evidence from literary and informational texts in order to support analysis, reflection, and research. Additionally, this course will challenge students to apply their skills and knowledge in the areas of writing, speaking and listening, word study, and language. Writing instruction will focus on teaching students to assert and defend claims and in order to demonstrate what they know about a topic. Students will learn to consider task, purpose, and audience as well as how to combine information, structures, and formats deliberately to make their claim. Students will participate in research that requires them to gather information, evaluate sources, and cite material accurately. Students will become skilled in determining and clarifying the meanings of words and phrases in order to comprehend complex texts and build extensive vocabularies. Because of the pace, depth, and rigor, this course is highly recommended for students who plan to take Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses in the future. All English 2 students must take South Carolina’s end-of-course exam.

    English 2 Honors Full Syllabus