•       STEAM Day 2016      STEAM Day 2016      STEAM Day 2016


          Dutch Fork Middle School’s STEAM focus is central to how all teachers plan and deliver instruction. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, but STEAM is so much more than just an acronym.  STEAM is about looking at the connections in our learning. Teachers develop lessons that require their students to make connections between all their classes as well as connections to the real-world and to future jobs.

         At Dutch Fork Middle School, learning is focused on the 5 C’s: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and careers. Students use The Design Process in all of their classes to Engage, Plan, Act, and Reflect as a way to solve complex problems or think through a process.

         Throughout this school year, students have had the opportunity to engage in several school-wide STEAM activities.  In November all students used The Design Process to work in groups to build and test miniature catapults. In December all students participated in various STEAM-related activities that centered around the theme of Advances in Technology. Some of the activities included: simulating cottage industry vs assembly line manufacturing, making stringed instruments to test pitch, and using geometric shapes to create and test snowflakes for speed and agility. In March students worked in groups create their own set of instructions that other students followed for building a structure.  

         At Dutch Fork Middle School STEAM means learning in ways that will prepare students for the future.