• Welcome to Introduction to World Languages (aka IWL)!


    Intro to World Languages is a fast-paced semester-long middle school course that serves as an opportunity for students to study three world languages. Through thematic units, which relate to language specific content, students will experience various aspects of the Francophone, Germanic and Hispanic cultures along with an introduction to the French, German and Spanish languages. Students will learn basic elements of each language, which may also include history, geography, and culture. This course will help to expand students’ global awareness, stresses the development of skills needed to be successful in learning a world language and provides students with an exciting taste of the world language options available in District Five.


    Please review our class syllabus: Intro to World Languages Combo Syllabus


    After reviewing the syllabus, please complete DW #01 syllabus acknowledgement form located in google classroom. classwork tab, resources.  Thank you.