• Health Science 3 focuses on the human body. Students will gain knowledge of all human body systems and how they work (Anatomy and Physiology). This course will emphasize the study of disease, prevention and treatment (Pathophysiology). Students will participate in teamwork activities for assigned projects. Medical Terminology is incorporated throughout the course. Skills learned in HS1/2 will be reinforced as each body system is studied.
    • Health Science Clinical Study is designed to give students a clinical experience. This course is geared towards being a work based clinical experience for the student. Students will have classroom time to review the necessary skills and qualities needed to complete rotating internships that will require travel to worksites. District specific student travel guidelines should be followed and worksite HIPAA training and required worksite guidelines should be adhered to. CPR and FA certifications can be renewed during this course if needed. Students should be certified in CPR and FA before being placed at a medical facility.. This Clinical Study program is meant to be a flexible program that works with district adapted clinical programs and certifications.  
    • Students must be able to get themselves to and from clinical sites, this would include having a student parking pass for DFHS.  This is a mandatory requirement in order to be in the class, failure to get to clinical negatively affects the overall grade.
    • Please be aware that while every effort has been made to minimize student costs, the student will be required to purchase a uniform (required by health care facilities).  The uniform requirements are as follows (Also See Uniform Handout): white shoes (no cloth/canvas) and socks, navy blue scrub pants, white scrub shirt, name tag. Lab coat and stethoscope are optional.  Please speak with the teacher before purchasing shoes, uniform, name tag, and stethoscope.
    • Students will need to show proof of negative-2-step TB skin test or treatment for TB, proof of childhood immunizations to include Hepatitis B as well as proof of health insurance, as well as a copy of their driver’s license and auto insurance.  (Driver’s license and car insurance are only needed for those students who will be driving themselves.)
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