• Senior Internship

    Course Description

    Internships are structured work-based experiences that incorporate a strong school-based academic foundation. A senior internship provides students with the opportunity to gain practical, first-hand knowledge in broad occupational clusters or industry sectors through a structured intern experience. The internship is designed to give students an opportunity to integrate occupational and academic learning and to apply knowledge and skills learned in a classroom to actual work situations. The major purpose of a senior internship is to develop identified skills and habits to a specified career field. The student will increase competencies in their career interest area, narrow or confirm occupational interest areas and develop strong work habits and soft skills that lead to successful work experiences. Additionally, students will improve communication, interpersonal, problem-solving and teambuilding skills while gaining a better understanding the correlation between school-based theory and content and workplace application of skills. Ultimately students will develop an awareness of community resources and career opportunities available to them. Students participating in the senior internship program may or may not receive wages and credit may be earned upon satisfactory completion on the internship. The School to Work Transition Act of 1994 has determined the requirements for internships.



    Senior Internship