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    In District Five, we believe that all students can learn, but not every student learns in the same way.  Diversity of talents, interests, learning styles and backgrounds is what makes us a great community of thinkers and problem solvers. 


    District Five has long placed a priority on growing our academic programs through magnet and other offerings.  It's a conscious decision to provide our families with the choices they need to make their students successful in school and in future careers.  "Choice" is the term used to describe the opportunities provided to our students.  Choice includes the option to select any school in the district that has space available to accommodate additional students or to select a magnet school or magnet program.


    Whether you are choosing a non-magnet school that has capacity, one of our existing magnet schools or programs or a new Discover 5 magnet school, you can be sure that District Five is a school system where "Every Choice is a Great Choice."




2022 MSA Merit Awards
  •  Latest Stories

  • Hydroponics

    Leaphart Elementary STEAM Magnet has installed a new hydroponics tower from Lettuce Grow on campus. Hydroponic gardening is water-based, growing plants and herbs without soil. The tower will be an instructional tool to engage students while learning about food production, nutrition education, and STEM explorations.There are 24 spots on the tower, and the Irmo-based school is currently growing parsley, peppers, basil, chives, oregano, zucchini, thyme, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, green beans, and kale. Fourth graders will apply their learning observations with their Plant Life Cycle curriculum and learn about plants that can grow indoors.

    Students will also utilize the hydroponic tower to learn about the maintenance of the device and how the towers serve as one solution to food deserts. The school plans to use the food they grow in their cooking club and to cater a possible salad bar for teachers.

    “During the previous school year, we applied for a gardening grant through the Whole Foods Foundation, and while we were not a recipient of that particular grant, the Whole Foods Foundation recommended that we apply for a donation of a hydroponics tower from Lettuce Grow and we received it,” said Leaphart Elementary STEAM Coach Kimberly Parker. “We are so excited to have this as part of our gardening program. I cannot wait to see all that our students learn from this.”

    Leaphart Elementary School STEAM Magnet offers students a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics grounded in authentic, project-based learning and design thinking to inspire, challenge, and empower all students. This inquiry-based approach relies heavily on student-led investigations where students are encouraged to take risks, experience failure, and try again.

  • artwork

    Three Magnet Schools Receive Art Grants from SCDOE

    These grants are apart of the 2022-23 SCDOE Arts Curricular Innovation Grants, a program to help improve arts education programs in schools.Nursery Road Elementary- Arts Magnet received $18,000, which officials say will be used to help train teachers in integrating the arts in more classrooms. Seven Oaks Elementary School MEDIA Magnet received $9,825, which will be allow students opportunities in learning local cultural art like clay making, sweetgrass basket making, and welding during the 2022-23 school year, according to a news release. Leaphart Elementary School STEAM Magnet received $9,704, which officials say will be used to equip the school's music program with new percussion instruments and other technologies.

  •  Lion King

     Nursery Road Elementary School  Arts Magnet

    The 4th & 5th grade students from NRES had an incredible experience, which included seeing a live show of the "Lion King" as well as a behind the scenes tour led by the Technical Director of the Koger Center for the Arts. Magnet Lead, Mrs. Lisa Brooks, developed lessons and activities which connected with ELA standards to enhance the experience for 3 months leading up to the adventure!

  • Resin STEAM Club Sale

    Leaphart Elementary School

    STEAM Magnet

     Students from the Resin Jewelry STEAM Club at LES participated in a local community event "Crafting for Kids" on March 26, 2022. The club led by teacher Ms. Paula Matthews, has raised over $2200.00 by selling their creations, which supports the club!


  • HEC Trees

    H. E. Corley Elementary School

    Leadership Magnet and

    Montessori Magnet

    Montessori students participate in tree planting experience when H.E. Corley Elementary School received gift of oak trees on campus.  

    Read more here.

  •  LES MSA Poster Winner

    Leaphart Elementary School

    STEAM Magnet

     A fourth grader at Leaphart Elementary School STEAM Magnet, received third place in the elementary school level MSA nationwide poster competition!

    Read more here.

  • hec

    H. E. Corley Elementary School Leadership Magnet and Montessori Magnet

    HEC receives a grant from the Special Olympics of South Carolina. Read more here.  

  • image




       Leaphart Elementary School STEAM Magnet

    Students bring in used plastic bags to recycle into Trex materials through the Green Steps program. See more here.  

  •  NRES General

     Nursery Road Elementary School - Arts Magnet

    🎭🩰 Nursery Road Elementary School - Arts Magnet receives the Di🎨stinguished Arts Program (DAP) grant for the project Creating Sustainable Practices in Arts Integration from the South Carolina Department of Education! Read more here.