Class Rules & Rewards


    • I-Integrity

      • I will be responsible for my own learning and do my own work. I will be a good team member and participate during group activities. I will do what is right even when it is difficult.
    • R - Respect

      • I will show respect in Spanish class by not talking when it is someone else’s turn to talk.

      • I will respect others by not touching their things without permission.

      • I will keep my hands and body to myself.

    • M - Motivation

      • I will motivate my classmates by not making fun them when they make mistakes.

      • I will encourage others to do their best.

      • I will treat others the way I want to be treated.

      • I will use kind words and actions.

    • O - Optimism

      • I know I can speak Spanish, even though sometimes it feels uncomfortable.

      • I believe in myself.


    Each Spanish class can earn up to 5 chilis a day based on behavior and participation. At the end of class, these chilis translate to lines on a soccer field (5 chilis=5 lines). When the class scores a goal, they get a class reward. On virtual days classes will earn chilis based on how many students complete assignments or tasks.


    If a student is having trouble following the class rules, a card may be given (like in soccer).

    • Yellow Card #1 - Verbal reminder
    • Yellow Card #2 – Verbal reminder, move to time out area, and walk laps at recess
    • Red Card – Parent contact
    • Official Notice of Concern*

    *Some behaviors can result in an automatic red card or Notice of Concern. In most cases, students will have had several chances to correct behavior prior to receiving a card.