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    How to Clean Oops Moments from Art Class

    1. Apply a prewash such a shout or spray n wash.

    2. The hand cleaner "Go Jo" used by mechanics takes many stains out.

    3. Do not wait; wash the item as soon as possible.

    4. If you can not wash immediately soak it in cool water.

    5. Wash with cool water not hot.

    6. When the washing is complete check to see if the stain is gone before drying the item. 

    7. Repeat the prewash and washing process if necessary.

    8. Do Not dry the garment in the dryer until the stain is out since heat will permanently set the stain.

    **In art we are involved in using a wide variety of art materials. There are paint shirts available in the art room but occasionally clothes do get paint, marker, cray-pa or other substances on them. Most materials are "washable", however, that does not mean they won't stain. I hope the above suggestions will be helpful in getting the substance out of the garment.**