• 1.       You wrote:

     “It was a simple “yes” or “no” questions (sic), but I never received a direct answer, so I’d like to ask again.
    Can the proceeds from $11 million bond that was just approved be spent on projects other than projects listed on the $10 million capital projects budget, which also just approved, such as the design team that was solicited for a new elementary school on Amicks Ferry Rd. or to fund building a new elementary school that the board has not yet approved?”
    The answer to your question is yes.
    2.       You wrote:
    “I have another question in regard to another response.
    My question was “Are you budgeting 8% money again to build a school on Amicks Ferry Rd., are you budgeting overages collected from taxpayers (which you call Fund Balance) to build a school or will you hold a bond referendum?”
    Your response was “The District could use 8% funds for construction of it or could conduct a referendum.” You also said that the overages collected from taxpayers’ is an operating fund and is not used for capital projects.”
    I’m puzzled. According to your 2017 Audit on page 69, you have budgeted $6.8 million dollars of Fund Balance monies for “future capital projects. This seems to contradict your answer that you don’t use the excess money collect (sic) for capital projects.
    Can you please explain the discrepancy or correct the answer?”
    The board can choose to use any available general funds for capital needs.  

    3.       You wrote:

    “Why does the Board approve budgeting money for some projects but, with other money, there are no public votes and even board members were unaware that money had been set aside for these things?”
    While the board does vote on the capital needs budget, the district administration has the flexibility to utilize funds left over from capital projects to address other capital needs in the district.