Welcome to Irmo Middle School's Fine Arts Department

  • Through the International Arts Center at Irmo Middle School, a multitude of courses are available for students to experience all areas of the Arts in new and revitalized learning environments using state-of-the-art technology. Our offerings include:

Fine Arts Pictures
  • Art and Pottery

    The International Visual Arts Studio is designed to allow individual and small group collaborative projects. The curriculum includes rendering techniques and skills using an array of multimedia for all levels of learners. Painting mediums from watercolor to tempra are explored both in and out of doors as well as incorporating styles ranging from classical to modern art genres.
    Chromebook and i-Pad Multimedia digital applications are incorporated within all art curriculum areas. Technology tools, like the digital Voicethread interactive global community in all classes, allow students to connect locally and globally to share their work, learn from the techniques of others, and learn how to evaluate and critique respectfully.
    A new pottery area with working kiln has been added to allow students to explore this facet of the visual arts as well.


  • Band and Orchestra

    Our Band and Orchestra programs offer intermediate and honors level classes. Each group performs two school-based performances per year and participate in the SC Concert Festival, as well as other festivals around the state and nation. We have a tradition of bringing home Superior ratings and placing high in music festival competitions. Many of our students audition and are accepted into the SC Region and All-State competitions. Our programs allow students to participate in SC Solo and Ensemble Festival, bringing home more individual student awards. Additionally, our programs prepare IMS students to be selected to participate in the Tri-District Arts Consortium each summer. Our band & orchestra classes allow students to build and expand their musical skills and provide a strong foundation for those who want to pursue this field further at the high school level.

  • Dance

     IMS has a professional quality dance studio, modeled after the studios at USC, with a sprung Marley dance floor,double adjustable ballet barres and full length mirrors where students can learn various styles and techniques, including ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, contemporary,social dance, world dance, improvisation techniques, body placement, strengthening, conditioning and flexibility. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Adaptive classes are offered for those who are just starting out to those who want to further their studies in this creative art form.

  • Chorus

    Our renovated chorus room allows students to experience a true choral setting from beginners to honors level. With two to four performances a year, chorus students highlight what they have learned and also have the chance to travel and participate in various Choral Festivals around the state. The IMS chorus has a tradition of bringing home the highest ratings from these festivals. In chorus, students learn songs from all eras and countries while building strong musical skills, and friendships that will carry over throughout their school career.

  • Music Technology

    Students with an interest in learning fundamental music concepts and incorporating technology to create their own works have the ability to do so in our state-of-the-art Music Technology Lab. This upgraded classroom enables learners to explore music via the Internet and introduces MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Technology. Each student gains a hands-on experience in configuring a music workstation comprised of an electronic keyboard and general MIDI synthesizer attached to an iMac computer.

    Students are able to compose music using MIDI sequencing software and/or music notation software, such as Music Ace Maestro and Garage Band, to build their knowledge of music theory and to explore multiple music genres and forms. They design multimedia projects and enhance theory skills creatively to gain a deeper appreciation of how music can set a tone or express feelings and emotion.

  • Performing Arts

    After a brief hiatus, performing arts is back at Irmo Middle School. In drama class, students learn how to project their voices and articulate their words. They also learn the importance of an ensemble. Students are exposed to theatre forms from other countries and cultures. They learn the basics of stage directions, and the parts of a theatre as well as how theatre has evolved over time. Students are encouraged to audition for our biannual coffeehouse. Our program is new but exciting and we look forward to its growth over time.