• Classroom Management & Expectations:

    As a member of this class, you have certain responsibilities, along with the help of your teacher to enable you to use to the fullest the knowledge and skills that you will receive in this class. Students will be encouraged to be as conscientious in class, put forth effort, and attendance as if they were actually working in areas that required these skills.  The classroom rules/procedures are designed to maximize the learning process.  No student will be allowed to interfere with the learning of other students. Classroom rules are listed below, plus they are posted on the wall within my classroom and on my syllabi.  Follow all class rules, school rules and policy, as outlined in the Irmo High School student handbook.


    Classroom Management & Expectations:

    1. Follow teacher directions. Students ID’s must be worn at all times.
    2. ALL electronic devices should be turned off and put away BEFORE entering the classroom.
    3. Do not have any electronic devices out/visible unless instructed for classroom use.
    4. Earphones and headphones are allowed for instructional purposes ONLY.
    5. No cell phones or IPod allowed during class.
    6. No food or drink allowed at any time in the computer lab.
    7. Follow Computer Usage Guidelines.
    8. Be seated in your assigned seat immediately after the warning bell. Remain in your seat until you are dismissed.  Do not get out of your seat while instructions are given to the class (including sharpening pencils or going to the trash can).
    9. No passes anywhere for the first 15 minutes of classes. No passes anywhere for the last 15 minutes of class.
    10. Respect school property and the property of others.
    11. Be prepared. Please have required materials with you when class begins. 
    12. Due to the risk of computer viruses, no games or Internet use without permission of the teacher AND no CDs/USBs are allowed without permission of the teacher.
    13. Do not print without permission—only print when required to do so.   Do not print work from other classes.
    14. Everyone is expected to complete his or her own assignments entirely.  Sharing assignments with other students is considered cheating and will result in a zero for all students involved.  
    15. Whisper when assigned group work, when working with a partner, or when helping classmates.