• Have YOU filled a bucket today?  

    My first Guidance lesson with the wonderful kids at Seven Oaks Media Magnet was about being a BUCKET FILLER vs. a BUCKET DIPPER.  The concept is from the book Have you filled a bucket today?  A Kid's Guide to Daily Happiness written by Carol McCloud.  Everyone carries an invisible bucket.  I had the kids help me with a magic trick and they were able to turn my very full and heavy invisible bucket into a bucket they could see!  If your bucket is full- it is filled with good thoughts and good feelings about yourself- and you are very happy.  If your bucket is empty you feel sad.  There are bucket fillers and bucket dippers.  Bucket fillers do and say nice things and bucket dippers do or say mean things to others.  The most powerful part of the book is about how bucket fillers not only fill others' buckets but they also fill their own when they do or say nice things!  Same goes for bucket dippers.  When a bucket dipper dips good thoughts and feelings out of your bucket they are also dipping from their own bucket.  Our school can be a happy place if we all choose to fill buckets everyday!  My job at Seven Oaks Elementary School is to help students who are having an empty bucket kind of day and provide them with strategies to keep their buckets VERY full!