kindness boomerang
  • Kindness Boomerang Lesson

    I begin this lesson by asking the students what is special about a boomerang (it comes back to you).  Then I tell them we will watch a short video called Kindness Boomerang and that the interesting thing about the video is that there are NO boomerangs in the video.  The video is really touching and the kids love it.  Please check it out here!  It truly is GREAT!  Afterwards I ask the kids if they figured out why the video is titled, Kindness Boomerang.  The video starts with a construction worker helping a little boy get up after falling off his skateboard and the little boy then helps an older lady carry her bags and cross the street.  The kindness chain continues throughout the video and at the end a waitress gives the construction worker from the beginning of the video a glass of cold water (like a boomerang).  The kids then go to the carpet and sit in a circle to create their very own Kindness Boomerang.  The kids write their names on a boomerang template and pass thier boomerang to the person sitting to the right of them.  While the music from the video is playing.  The kids write a compliment to the student's boomerang they have at the moment.  When I pause the music, the kids pass the boomerang to the kid sitting to their right again.  I do this until their Kindness Boomerang comes back to them.  At the end, the students have a whole page filled with compliments from their classmates.  My favorite part of this lesson is looking at the student's faces when they see all the kind words written about them.