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Articulation Carryover Activities

  • Below are a few ways to promote use of your students "good" speech sounds in everyday conversation! It only takes about 5-10 minutes a day to make a difference. Provide positive praise and reinforcement for correct productions!

    Choose one of these to do each day!

    • Choose a "Just Right Book" (one that is at your reading level). Before beginning to read each page, look for words with your sounds in it. When you start reading the page, be sure to say our sounds with your best speech!
    • At dinner time, use your best speech to tell about your day.
    • Tell your parents or siblings something you did at school or while playing outside today. Use your best speech sounds!
    • Play "catch yourself" saying 10 words with your speech sound and write them down.
    • Read aloud to yourself and listen for all your good speech sounds
    • At breakfast, use your targeted sounds.
    • During a car ride, use all of your good speech sounds to play I Spy!
    • While playing with a friend, use your best speech sounds.
    • Call someone on the phone! Practice using your best speech to tell them about your day.
    • Tell one person why it is important to use your good speech sounds (ex: people understand me, it helps with reading/spelling, etc.)