• Course Description:  This course meets the requirements for English 4. This course is designed to provide intensive learning experiences for students in order to enhance and enrich their skills in reading, writing, research, listening, and speaking. In this course, students will expand and apply their reading skills through wide and deep reading of literary and informational texts. They will gain literary and cultural knowledge, references, and images as well as the ability to evaluate arguments and grapple with complex texts. Students will refine writing skills as they craft substantive arguments to support their own claims as well as explanatory texts that convey their own complex ideas clearly and accurately. Students will participate in research that requires them to gather information, evaluate sources, and cite sources. Students will become skilled in determining and clarifying the meanings of words and phrases in order to comprehend complex texts and to continue to build an extensive vocabulary.


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    Abbreviated Syllabus - English IV CP

    Full Syllabus - English IV CP