• During the year we will be doing unique projects that require items not commonly found in school.  If you have any of the items listed below and would like to donate them for student use, I would appreciate it very much. Here are a few items needed in the art room:

    Thank you in advance for your consideration of donating any of these items to our new art room!


     Aluminum foil



     Cultural Artifacts

     Fascinating still life materials- Old hats, shoes, toys, vases, bottles



    Masking Tape


    Scrap paper (maps, gift wrap)

    Scrapbook Paper

    Single Hole Punchers



    Wallpaper sample books

    Wax paper

    Wrapping paper/Tissue paper



    Recycled Materials:

    Brown Paper Bags (Large grocery or small lunch bags)

    Egg Cartons (Styrofoam)


    Old calendars with neat pictures

    Old magazines (hair style, floral, sports illustrated…KID friendly)

    Old silk flowers


    Plastic containers with lids (butter, cool-whip)




    ** Please make sure to clean any food containers before sending them to school. It would also be nice if you could send a note with the items so I will know who brought them in to donate! Thank you so much!**