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    Quaver Lines and Spaces treble clef song  For ALL grade levels!!!


    ***NEW VIDEO! :)  Pop Strings video  For 4th grade


    Check out www.thepianoguys.com  For ALL grade levels!!


    May 10 through June 3:  


    Preschool and Kindergarten will continue to explore various percussion instruments while keeping a steady beat and reading rhythm patterns!  They will also sing and move to spring and other genres of music!  


    2nd graders are learning about form (the way we organize music)!  If time allows, we will begin a music story unit! 


    3rd and 4th graders are learning about note names and melody on the treble clef staff and have started using the piano keyboard lab!  4th is also learning a math concepts song!


    1st graders have begun a unit on the orchestral piece, "Carnival of the Animals!"