Honors Economics

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    Course Description:  

    This course is designed to provide students a basic understanding of the way in which economics affect the lives of individuals and how individuals, through their economic choices, shape their world.. Throughout the semester, the focus will be on important questions such as: How are personal economies and national economies intertwined?  How do the economic choices of governments affect the wellbeing of all citizens? and How does globalization and technological change impact societies and individuals? Over several units, students will be given the skills to evaluate economic choices presented to governments as well as themselves.


    Instructional Goals:

    Economics is a ½-unit course required for graduation by the state of South Carolina.  

    During this semester course students will gain knowledge about economic systems and in particular the American economic system so that they become responsible citizens who understand how economic systems function and how they contribute and are impacted by global markets.  

    Specific content areas include:

    1) a study of different economic systems
    2) the structure and function of financial markets
    3) the evaluation of economic performance
    4) the role of government in regulating markets as well as goods and services
    5) the impact of the global economy
    6) using economic decision making to manage personal finance

    Course Standards: 


    Course Expectations: Students in 12th Grade Social Studies will be able to

    • demonstrate the ability to organize and maintain notebooks independently.
    • achieve study and collaborative group skills with self-directed initiative.
    • include both expository and argumentative writing in FRQ responses.


    Behavior Expectations:

    • Proper use of technology is vital to academic success; therefore, in the Social Studies classroom, students are encouraged to use their district issued Chromebook or a similar device.  Cell phones will only be used with teacher permission.
    • Be on time and prepared
    • Be respectful of others
    • Be actively engaged


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