Students in K-5 at Ballentine Elementary are invited to apply for the USC Project for the Spring/Summer of 2022. The purpose of this study is to help develop community-based programs for children beyond the school day. If your student is selected for the project, the requirements are to wear a wristwatch activity monitor twice a year for two weeks. Parents/guardians of the child are asked to complete surveys sent via text (during the two weeks). Families are compensated for their time by the sponsors of the project.  Families can opt-out of the project at any time.  There is no penalty for not participating. Lexington/Richland School District 5 is neither sponsoring nor conducting this research.   
    The University of South Carolina is inviting more families to join the over 600 families already participating in the Healthy School and Summer Study for 2022.  

    This project is open to all K-5th grade students.     If you signed up last year you DO NOT need to sign up again.   


    Children can join, Parents can join! 

      Participants will wear a Fitbit-like activity watch for two weeks and parents will complete online surveys during the following two time periods:   

    • March-May 2022 for 2 weeks 
    • Summer 2022 for 2 weeks 

     Participants can earn up to $150 in gift cards for completing the measures ($75 each 2-week period).    

     Use this link to learn more and sign-up! https://bit.ly/healthy_school_study 

    Contact Michelle Perry, Project Coordinator 
    Phone: 803-429-1474