2-D Design (Semester) Grade 7


    Prerequisite: None

    Course Description:

    This course is offered to 7th-grade students in order to present the opportunity to take multiple art classes in one year. This course will provide the opportunity to be creative and explore new ideas in a focus area of 2-Dimensional Design (drawing, painting, printmaking, and photography). This course is based on the Elements and Principles of Art as well as SC standards.


    Student Benefit: This semester in the 2-D Design Art class students will focus on problem-solving using the Elements and Principles of Design. The middle school Art program enriches the entire curriculum in multiple ways and has four components that create a quality program. The components are: Aesthetic Perception, Art Criticism, Art History and Culture, and Art Production and Creative Expression. These four components will be a part of art class and will provide a strong connection to curriculum integration. Students will also have opportunities to write about and discuss their own works and the works of others. Throughout the semester we will explore various art mediums to create 2-D works including painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, and photography.


    Please read through the Art Syllabus with your child and "sign" it by clicking the link located at the bottom of the document.


    *IMPORTANT* Please click here to read about the grading policy in Art class.