3rd grade Assignments



    May 2020 Art Assignments

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    March 2020 Art Assignments

    1.  Create a Color Wheel

    Artists use a color wheel to create and mix colors.  Make your own color wheel using warm and cool colors.  Use the examples below to help you while you are drawing and coloring your color wheel.  Start with a circle.  Then draw the lines to divide your color wheel into 6 parts.  The colors in your color wheel should be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.  For extra credit label which colors are warm colors and which colors are cool colors.

    Color Wheel

    2.  Outdoor Space

    Draw a picture of an outdoor area.  It could be somewhere you've gone recently, somewhere you have visited on vacation or somewhere you hope to visit someday.  Draw you and and your family visiting this place.  Label the parts of your drawing with foreground, middleground and background to identify the different parts of your picture.  You may use abbreviations for your labels:  F=foreground M=middleground B=background

    Foreground Middleground Background Example


    Click here for lessons 3, 4 and 5 for the month of April. These lesson are in pdf format.