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Class Schedule

Mrs. Barnhill’s Daily Schedule


7:50-8:10 Morning Meeting & Number Talk

Listen to Good Morning song on youtube and a few songs that follow that.  Morning message that I write to them using word wall words when possible. The morning message is also a time where we look for chunks in words and look for patterns in words like how the “e” on the end of the word sometimes helps the vowel before it say it’s name.  Like in “like”. Friendly e helps the vowel that comes before it be strong and brave and say it’s name instead of it’s short sound.

8:10-8:30 Shared Reading

This is a time where we usually read a story together from Reading A-Z.  We are doing a C level book as a class. There are so many books available on here.

8:30-9:00 Growth Groups

Usually when we do WIN (what I need) stations.  Puzzles, letter sounds, fine motor work, math games etc.  If you go to Pinterest and type in kindergarten learning games you are certain to find some things that would be cool to do.

9:00-9:20 Read aloud (Science/SS/Health)&Independent Reading

I read aloud a book to them (usually about whatever we are learning in Science/SS) and we discuss.  Then they have about 10 minutes to read books from their baskets on their tables.

9:25-9:35: Snack

9:35-10:05 Guided  Reading/Literacy Stations

Guided Reading stations:  We have 5 (one for each day)  

  1. Listening to Reading (Epic)

  2. Word Work  -they go to a group and do some kind of work work.  Some examples: rhyming work, beginning, middle, and ending sounds, give a big word and have them cut apart and try to spell different little words with it, 

  3. My group:  We read a book together and go over strategies for if you get stuck (the hand that is in their bag books).  Then we usually pick a word from the book and practice spelling it, making a sentence with it etc. Or we pick a word and make rhyming words with it.

  4. Ms. Mellon’s group: She has a literacy activity to do with the group. Sometimes they do “Let’s Talk about it” where they all look at a picture in a big book and talk about it.  They may say what they think is happening, tell how the person feels and why they think that. They really just develop oral language skills by talking about the picture as a group.   Lately we have been doing a nursery rhyme for her group that I print and we find rhyming words, practice reading, discuss, and color before adding to our Nursery Rhyme book.

  5. Library: They go to our classroom library and get to choose from any of those books to read/

10:10-10:40:      Writing/Share writing


   They can either free write or you can give them a topic to write on.  Things to focus on: putting finger spaces in between words, putting down beginning middle and ending sounds in each word, We are usually focused on a certain type of writing.  We are just finishing up Informational Text (writing to teach you something). We were going to head into opinion writing but just stick with soemthing from the Writing menu we sent.


 10:40-10:50:      Read Aloud This is when I usually read Junie B.

10:50-11:05:       Recess

11:14-11:39 LUNCH

11:40-11:50 Restroom Break

11:50-12:00 Cognitively Guided Instruction: Math (This is when we do the word problem of the day.)  We encourage them to draw a real picture, draw a quick picture using circles or sticks to represent whatever is in the problem, or use manipulatives.

12:00-12:30 Math Groups   Each week we have 5 math stations that we rotate through.  They are in groups and each group goes to one station each day.

12:40-1:10:  Centers

1:15-2:05 Related Arts

2:10-2:25 Recess

*Social Sciences will be integrated throughout the day*

Related Arts by day:

Monday: Spanish

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Technology

Friday: PE