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  •      This year, we are using an online learning program from Edmentum called Exact Path. Accessed through Clever, our e-Learning portal, this exciting digital tool personalizes learning in reading and math. It starts by targeting each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses using his/her individual MAP Score, and then it prescribes a tailored playlist of lessons, practice and short quizzes at their learning level. Students can earn rewards and monitor their own progress each step of the way.

    • If you are logged into Chrome, go directly to Clever: click here.

         Click below for the Parent/Guardian how-to letter. It works best if you log into Google Chrome with your child's school login. Once you open the Chrome browser, very important - click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner once you're in Chrome. Go to Settings. Then under People, log into Chrome with their student email and password. Make sure and select the option to Sync Google. 

         The instructions will direct your student to Clever, which is our E-Learning portal. Once logged in, Edmentum and Typetastic (keyboarding instruction) are just a click away!


    • Here is the District Five Distance Learning resources page (general information):


         The materials below include links to open websites on servers that are not maintained or controlled by District 5. Due to the changing nature of websites/links, adults - please review all materials for appropriateness before using any resources with students. Students need adult permission.

         Some of the sites require student logins that your teacher set up. If one is not available, please get adult permission before creating accounts. 



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