• Clever login

    Students can use the Clever login link below

    to access Typetastic by entering their Gmail:

    ( _ _ _ _ _ @STU.LEXRICH5.ORG)

    and password: (_ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ )

    Clever login



  • Epic

    Using the Epic link below students can

    read a variety of books or listen 

    to books by selecting the read to me option.

    Our class code is: xmx4888  


  • Hour of Code

    Students can use the code pre-express 2019 

    "hour of code" link below to learn how to code.

    Choose any level to start playing.

    Courses by Code.org grades K-5

  • Scratch

    Use the link below to learn how to

    write code, using M.I.T's format.

    Scratch link

  • Typing Games Zone

    Students can use the link below

    to play a variety of games

    as they practice their typing skills

    Typing games zone


    Interland - be internet awesome

    Using the Interland link below students

    can play the "be internet awesome with Google"

    game while learning about internet safety